Tejory is a loyalty program designed to offer our valued customers with a unique rewarding system of boundless entertainment, dining and shop experiences across Leisure brands such Angry Birds World, Virtuocity, Snow Dunes, Angelina Paris “Qatar branches” and OnlyRoses Qatar.


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How to Join?

Enjoy the exclusive benefits of Tejory by getting your free membership with us. Register now by:

  • Register on Leisure website by clicking here
  • Download LEISURE QATAR app from App store or Google Play
  • On the spot registration is available at any of Leisure Partners venues at customer service and cashier desk

How to claim your points?

  1. Request an assistance from the customer service/cashier at any of Leisure Partners venues to credit your points on your account (Available at all Leisure Partners venues)
  2. Or log-in to your registered account via mobile or website and scan the barcode from your transaction receipt or enter the receipt number and points will automatically credit to your account (Available in Angry Birds World, Snow Dunes and Virtuocity only)
  3. Each Qatari Riyal spent is equivalent to 1 Tejory point.


How to redeem voucher?

  1. Log-in to your account via mobile
  2. Select the venue where you would like to redeem a voucher.
  3. Choose one of your eligible voucher.
  4. Give the mobile device to the operator of the venue to put the passcode to generate the voucher.

Tejory Vouchers

Tejory Loyalty Program rewards account holder with selection of vouchers that has an equivalent cash value. Every 1000 leisure points get 10 QAR rewards value.

  • 5,000 points = QAR 50
  • 7,500 points = QAR 100
  • 10,000 points = QAR 150
  • 15,000 points = QAR 250
  • 20,000 points = QAR 400
  • 25,000 points = QAR 500
  • 40,000 points = QAR 1,000
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